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Madball is back! Baseball and softball! REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN...
MLL Community, Hello.  We hope that everyone is doing as...

Madball is back! Baseball and softball!


We are planning on a season between June 20 and Aug 15th 2020.

Early bird discount!! Don’t miss out!! The early bird discount ends at 11:59 pm on Wed June 3rd!!!

Everybody has been refunded for the spring season! The refunds include baseball, softball, buddy ball, yard goats, extra gear, and all the winter clinics!! A hearty thank-you to Tina Phelan for processing almost all of those back to your credit card. And thanks to the members for patiently waiting while we 'waited' as a league to see if something may happen.  

Everybody will need to register again! Both Softball and Baseball. (Except- Junior umpires you do not need to re-register).

Volunteers will need to register again-but if you filled out a form (background check) for spring you do not need to provide another.

We do apologize for the current circumstances that will mean no Buddy Ball this summer-but it will be back in 2021!

Now for further news;
Currently, youth sports are part of Phase II for the state of CT.  What that means is we are planning on a season between June 20 and Aug 15th, 2020.  Relaxed and stress-free. A chance for the kids to play...and play some more.

There are guidelines that will need to be acknowledged by parents and kids.  These guidelines may not be final as we are still getting input from the health department- State and Town. All levels will have various guidelines they will follow to ensure a safe playing environment.  There are two documents to be aware of. (Also attached to this email)

  1. The Little League-best practices which we will follow can be found here https://www.littleleague.org/downloads/best-practices/  

  2. Besides the ones you will read about in the LL document, there are a few that will be added by Madball. The MLL Opening Plan. Please see the attachment below, as well as on the registration page. All of these guidelines will be communicated again as we work towards making the new norm comfortable for all as the season progresses. 

I do want to touch on an important one for all levels.  For Softball and Baseball (all levels) each player must provide their own equipment. MLL will only provide balls.  This includes Bat, batting helmet, glove and if applicable-catching gear. All equipment will be labeled clearly with the player's first and last name. We understand this could be an issue for some—MLL will provide needed items (we don’t have unlimited but do have stock we can part with) from our equipment room for those that need in order to play this season.  Please respond to me if you do need any items-we don’t want anybody unable to play because they were not able to get a piece of equipment!  Once we have established what is needed a time will be set up by our equipment manager, Shane Tanner, to provide those items requested.

It's been crazy to think that not long ago, we were expecting everything to fall in place. March had arrived and then Covid-19 did too and suddenly nothing was certain in the present time or in any future plan. Everything became zoom meetings and a portion of us were working from home while also learning to stay in place.  Uncertainty reigned, and while we hoped for the best regarding MLL we just did not know.  The volunteers continued to make plans with various options for the kids to possibly have a chance to play this summer and now we are close to having it become a reality.  We are unsure of what to expect but have faith that it can work for the best! We are entering uncharted territories and may have to change paths again—that is out of our control.  But what is in our control is trying to do what we can to gain some sense of normalcy in our kid's active life.  Playing the wonderful game of softball or baseball in a local Madison sandlot is a small part of everything that is going on, but a big part of getting them to smile and laugh with their friends; even at a social distance.

Hopefully, we will have an opportunity to see most of you during this upcoming 8-week season.  If not, we do hope things are controlled enough that we can start back next April ’21 with a spring season. 

Stay safe, stay informed, and stay optimistic!


Matt Anderson

MLL President



MLL Additional Guidance

  • An emphasis is placed on the safety of participating players, coaches, volunteers, and parents. Social distancing will be observed whenever practicable. At a minimum, cloth face coverings or masks must be worn by umpires and coaches at all times, by players in the dugouts and while batting/baserunning. Cloth face coverings are recommended for players in the field.

  • Physical contact is prohibited- no high-fives, fist bumps, or hugs. No team huddles or player conferences without observing social distancing protocols.

  • All players will have their own baseball and softball equipment.  Equipment will not be shared between players.  MLL has a large stock of these items and will provide a player in need of equipment for the entire season.  All equipment will be labeled clearly with the players first and last name.

  • Each team will use their own baseballs and softballs, including a separate warm-up and game ball bucket. Warm-up drills will be coordinated to maintain social distancing.  Game balls will be cleaned after each inning.

  • No concessions will be provided during games. No food in dugouts. Players must provide and use their own water bottles/sports drinks. No sunflower seeds or spitting is permitted.

  • MLL will be limiting the number of players in enclosed dugouts to 3.  MLL will place available bleacher sections behind the fence to provide distancing.  Where fence sections are not available at a field or at the younger age levels players will stay with their parent or guardian when their team is up to bat.  Parents will be requested to bring their own chair or blanket to games and will be down the line and behind the outfield fence if permissible.

  • Game times will be staggered by an hour to allow for clearing off the field from the previous game and allow for a 40 minute warm up period for the next game.  All game schedules will be provided to Madison Beach and Rec as in seasons past.

  • We will have a waiver for parents and volunteers to sign covering amongst other things their understanding of the COVID-19 guidance plans.


by posted 06/02/2020

MLL Community,

Hello.  We hope that everyone is doing as well as they can be during this time that COVID-19 has us in.  Best wishes and thoughts and a thank you to those that are experiencing this pandemic as a first responder, or other areas of life.

I'm writing to give you information as we know to this point and to guesstimate what we may be doing this summer.  First and foremost, we are staying cautious while trying to be patient so that we can hope for a better tomorrow than today in terms of activity for our children and ourselves. 

As you may have heard-Little League International has canceled, for the first time, the softball and baseball LL World Series.  They still are holding out hope that district and state championships can happen in the 9-12 age range.  With that in mind, here are a few topics to give you information.

Refunds for spring ball are available to whoever wishes to receive one now. 

There are a couple of reasons why we haven't canceled the spring season.  MLL realizes that local and state municipalities may open the fields for use during the summer.  Right now, we are offering families the opportunity to also ‘wait and see’ if we have a program in June or July. 

*LL has not decided if those LL programs that have canceled would be eligible to participate in as district or state tournament. We don't want to take an opportunity away from the 9-12 yr olds and thus are waiting till an answer is clear.

We hope to offer a few weeks to longer for all levels (T-ball to Majors) to get out and play some ball. 

But we also realize that no organized activities for youth sports may happen.

LL has decided that 12 yr olds will not be given a waiver to play Majors next year. 

Currently, LL of CT is hoping to have a state tournament that would probably go into late Aug/early September. If that happens, that could mean a shorter regular season and then a month of all-star activities.  They have a state meeting on May 12th and then will decide further at that time. We will have a better understanding of our summer, after consulting with the Town of Madison and following State guidelines.

Any time you register your child for MLL Mad Ball (Softball or Baseball), there is financial assistance available please don't hesitate to ask.

Our finances come from the registration fee. Still, we were prudent and did not have any outstanding economic costs.  And planned by tightening up our expenditures, so we can offer full refunds at this time as well as assist those in need. 

If we were to get the all-clear (not likely but possible), we know that the state and local closures are till at least May 20th.  The community is waiting on the school decision first. The understanding that family schedules would be changing as things open up, we wouldn’t anticipate a start before June 1st to allow people to get organized.

We understand what sports can do-even if it’s a short season.  We hope to teach them the game while also learning humility, impulse control, kindness, and good sportsmanship. We want them to learn how to win and lose graciously, treat others with respect (even umpires!), avoid name-calling, and become a good teammate.  While some contend that sports build character, I believe that it reveals character through the various opportunities to learn.  

To request a refund now, please contact 


Until we see each other again,

Stay safe, stay informed, and stay optimistic!


All the best,

MLL President Matt Anderson and the MLL executive board.

by posted 05/04/2020
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