Welcome to the Madison Little League (MLL) website. Home of the 2019 12U Connecticut State Champions! Here you will find information on youth baseball and softball programs for children ages 4-16. Teaching America's pastime to the youth of Madison, Con

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MLL Additional Guidance

       An emphasis is placed on the safety of participating players, coaches, volunteers, and parents. Social distancing will be observed whenever practicable. At a minimum, cloth face coverings or masks must be worn by umpires and coaches at all times, by players in the dugouts and while batting/baserunning. Cloth face coverings are recommended for players in the field.

       Physical contact is prohibited- no high-fives, fist bumps, or hugs. No team huddles or player conferences without observing social distancing protocols.

       All players will have their own baseball and softball equipment.  Equipment will not be shared between players.  MLL has some stock of these items and will provide a player in need of equipment for the entire season.  All equipment will be labeled clearly with the players first and last name.

       Each team will use their own baseballs and softballs, including a separate warm-up and game ball bucket. Warm-up drills will be coordinated to maintain social distancing.  Game balls will be cleaned after each inning.

       No concessions will be provided during games. No food in dugouts or shared food for the teams. Players must provide and use their own water bottles/sports drinks. No sunflower seeds or spitting is permitted.

       MLL will be limiting the number of players in enclosed dugouts to 3.  MLL will provide available bleacher sections behind the fence to provide distancing.  Where fence sections are not available at a field or at the younger age levels players will stay with their parent or guardian when their team is up to bat.  Parents will be requested to bring their own chair or blanket to games and will be down the line and behind the outfield fence where permitted.

       Game times will be staggered by an hour to allow for clearing off the field from the previous game and allow for a 40 minute warm up period for the next game.  All game schedules will be provided to Madison Beach and Rec as in seasons past.

       We will have a waiver for parents and volunteers to sign covering amongst other things their understanding of the COVID-19 guidance plans.


MLL Field Usage

       MLL is scheduling all baseball games at the JC Complex or Academy Complex.  Softball games will be scheduled at the Polson Complex including the Polson Turf and Upper Green Hill Fields.  Practice fields may also include Lowery and Ryerson depending on registration numbers.


o   JC Fields: JC Aux will utilize the parking lot on Scotland Ave.  JC Main will utilize the parking lot on Lovers Lane.

o   Academy Fields: Academy School will utilize parallel parking along Academy Street.  Academy Church field will utilize the parking lot on Bradley Road and Senior Center Parking Lot.

o   Polson Fields: Upper Green Hill will utilize the parking along the Polson access road.  Polson Turf will utilize parking near the Polson School entrance.

       Bathroom Facilities

o   JC Complex will utilize the existing bathroom facilities and will be cleaned twice a week.

o   Academy, Polson, Ryerson, and Lowery will be equipped with 2 enhanced portable bathroom facilities.

       Hosting Out of Town Games

o   Depending on registration numbers and especially on the softball side Madison may need to schedule out of town home games against neighboring Towns that are included in the MLL District.  These Towns will be following the same guidance from LLI and CT LL District 9.  The team manager will be responsible for all communication between the away team.  Again, all game schedules will be communicated with Madison Beach and Rec.