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Dave Tuveson, MLL Boys Majors Commissioner - Email:  


1.   All players must play a minimum of 3 innings per game. Violation of this rule will result in review by the Commissioner and possible forfeit of the game and suspension of the Manager/Coach.

2.  The entire team roster bats.  All players are to bat in a consecutive lineup, regardless of how many players show up for either team.  If a player shows up after the start of the game, they must be added to the bottom of the batting line-up.  If a player cannot bat due to injury/illness, his turn will be skipped in the order without penalty to his team.  If the player recovers, he may resume his place in the batting order the next time around.

3.  There is absolute 2 hour 15 minute time limit for Saturday games.

4.   Home team takes the FIRST BASE dugout and as time allows, shall take infield for ten minutes starting ten minutes prior to game time.  The visiting team shall take infield for ten minutes starting twenty minutes prior to game time.

5.  With two outs, if the catcher for the team batting is on base, he MUST be removed and replaced by the player who made the last out at bat that did not result in reaching base successfully.

6.   An official, MLL-approved Manager/Coach will be allowed on the field to catch the pitcher as he warms up before each inning.

7.   Coaches may remove equipment off of the field, but on-deck batters wearing helmets are encouraged to perform this task.

8.   The Player Agent is eligible to manage/coach a team

9.   All suspended or rescheduled games must be made up on the Friday or Sunday immediately after the originally scheduled game date.  The commissioner must approve any deviations from this policy.

10. LOCAL MAJORS BAT RULE 2016:  Only wood or wood composite bats (with no metal components) will be permitted in MLL Majors. Bats must also adhere to Little League International requirements for quality, diameter, and length restrictions (Rule 1.10).

11. LOCAL MAJORS PITCHING RULE 2016:  For the first 6 games of the regular season, pitchers will be LIMITED TO 50 PITCHES MAXIMUM per game.  Thereafter, LLI age-based maximums will be in place.