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  1. Coaches Code of Conduct
  2. Madison Sports Initative
  3. Coaching Clinic materials - as taught by Rob Corraro


Madison Little League requires all coaches to abide by a Coaches Code of Conduct.  See below for a summary and a link to a printable document that must be signed and returned to the appropriate commissioner.





You have elected to participate as Manager or Coach in Madison Little League. Coaching in a youth sports program such as Madison Little League (MLL) is a privilege that is not to be taken for granted.  Managers/coaches are appointed by the Madison Little League Board of Directors. You as a manager/coach have an important role in the development of the young children of Madison.  We strive to teach each child the positive values of good sportsmanship, fair play, and teamwork, values that they can use throughout their lives.  In order to ensure that each coach is acting in the best interest of the children and for the betterment of the League as a whole, MLL has developed a Coaches Code of Conduct for all managers and coaches participating in Madison Little League. 


As an appointed Manager or Coach to MLL you are expected to pledge to fulfill your responsibilities as a youth sports coach by pledging to adhere to the following code. You understand that all coaches are expected to adhere to these and all Madison Little League and Little League Baseball rules and codes of conduct. 


As a MLL Manager or Coach I pledge to :  

  • Follow official Little League and MLL local rules with no exceptions.
  • Place the emotional and physical well being of my players ahead of my personal desire to win and remember that the game is for the children, not the adults.
  • Treat each player as an individual and with respect, while teaching the importance of being part of a team and putting the team ahead of individual goals.
  • Provide players with positive feedback and constructive criticism
  • Focus on developing the skills of all the players on my team
  • Lead by example at all times, using appropriate language and behavior.
  • Interact with all opposing coaches, parents and umpires in a professional manner. At no time will I yell from the dugout or coaches’ box to an umpire, nor will I respond to comments from fans during a game.
  • Encourage good sportsmanship by teaching my team to win or lose graciously
  • Compete fairly and do nothing to gain an unfair competitive advantage (e.g intimidating opposing players or umpires)
  • Demand a drug, alcohol, and tobacco-free sports environment for my players
  • Participate in required activities such as field preparation and umpiring duties
  • Agree to attend all required training seminars (e.g. first aid, coaching, umpiring)
  • Agree to contact my assigned MLL Commissioner and report any type of physical or verbal abuse or non-fair play that I eyewitness
  • I will first discuss any concerns about how coaches are coaching or how umpires are officiating with the coach/umpire after the game is completed, and if not satisfied, then to my assigned MLL Commissioner. I will discuss any concerns about how the league is run with my Commissioner and/or with the MLL Board as a whole.
  • At no time shall I make any comments to the press, as a representative of MLL without express permission from the President of MLL.

Code of Conduct_040406.doc

Madison Sports Initiative Program

Madison Sports Initiative 2005.pdf


MLL is proud to offer the Madison Sports Initiative Program. This program is designed to provide training for coaches, parents, and players alike.  The purpose of the training is to improve the youth sports culture within our town.  The following document reviews the basic responsibilities of the coaches, parents, and players.  Please read this document and share it with others.

Coaching Manual - Rob Corraro
Here are the 6 parts of the coaching clinic as taught by Rob Corraro

  1. baseballachievementlevels.doc
  2. CoachingAdviceforYouthBaseball.doc
  3. GeneralFielding.doc
  4. 5stepstothewindup(Pitching).doc
  6. TheMechanicsofaSwing1.doc